Coastal Coral Tree | Erythrina Caffra
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Coastal Coral Tree | Erythrina Caffra

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Coastal Coral Tree

The Coastal Coral tree is widely loved for its warm red-colored flowers, which appear from the cold winter months through to spring. The tree is very popular due to its ease of cultivation and long flowering period.

The Coastal Coral tree is an ideal garden plant and, because of its unique appearance, it has continued to attract the attention of botanists, horticulturists, nature lovers, and the general gardening public for many decades.

Erythrina caffra is a medium- to large-sized deciduous tree, 9-12 x 7-11 m. Its size depends on the climate and soil conditions. Trees may even reach a height of 20 m in coastal and forested regions where the conditions are optimal. This species forms a round-headed, spreading canopy and has a beautiful light green appearance when in leaf.